14 Times People Got a Generous Amount of Exactly What They Ordered

Be careful what you wish for — living without expectations can take a weight off your shoulders.


One guy once asked me to make a pizza with 4 times the regular amount of cheese. That’s 30 ounces of cheese!

When your 3-year-old asks for a rainbow dinosaur donut birthday, you deliver.

I ordered extra whipped cream by itself for 30 cents


“My dad ordered a salad for 20 people and received 20 single-person salads.”

I asked for extra pepperoni…

Light Mayo

Asked for as much extra ranch as was ’permitted by state law’


Mom: “How many tacos do you want?” — Dad: “I don’t know, several.” — Mom: *orders 21 tacos*

This is ’some ginger.’

Ordered the bleu cheese filet.

Asked for no tomatoes on my salad, and the server asked if bacon was ok. I jokingly said, ’All the bacon!’ And he delivered.

I asked for a little bit more sauce:

This is what extra onion looks like.


Asked for a corgi cake for my birthday.


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