People Who Took It Too Far With Fashion Experiments

When we were teenagers, we tested different clothing styles, haircuts, unusual accessories, and tried really hard to do impressive makeup. The results of these experiments were often quite weird but we didn’t really care.


We were dancing to Eminem.

This is how I tried to impress the love of my life.

I thought it would be funny if I imitated male patterned baldness.


I thought I looked like Britney Spears

I thought I was cool.

I don’t know why my parents allowed this.



I can’t believe this!

“I thought being random made me likable.”

Coming at you from 2005 with the velour bell sleeve and tattoo choker! Of course, it’s black and white.

My husband at his 20s


I loved The Matrix, respecting women, and staying up late.


I actually thought I’m a makeup artist.

My graduation outfit was a polyester kimono

Progression of cutting my own hair

For some reason, I thought the more belts I had on, the cooler I looked.

2005 vs 2020

I thought a dress made entirely of trash bags and duct tape would be cool.

This was reality.

I was so happy about the leather jacket I got for my Birthday

I was 15

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