22 People Who Only Need A Few Dollars To Dress Cool

The people featured in our article enjoy transforming old, outdated clothing into cool, modern outfits. They know how to turn a boring men’s shirt into a fashionable top or sundress. These skilled artists even know how to make a pretty dress out of an ordinary bedsheet.


I found this velvet dress in a thrift shop near my house. I just adjusted it a little bit.

I love transforming clothes from a thrift shop into fashionable pieces.

I was not sure if I can do it but I managed to make this horrible suit look cute.


I liked this shirt as it was but I wanted to experiment a little bit and I’m so happy with the result.

I have too many pyjamas, I don’t need more so I had to be creative with this shirt

I transformed my husband’s old shirt into a dress

I bought this curtain dress for $3.50 and transformed it into this.


A knit sweater is a good base for a cool top.

A cute two-piece for $1

A slight transformation

This hoodie was super cheap so I took it and made it look more fashionable.

I made this dress out of an old bedsheet.

Linen pants into a jumpsuit.


I bought this dress for $4 and transformed it

I love buying old skirts and transforming them into two-pieces.

I’m so happy with the result

Slightly transformed my grandma’s dress.

$6 flannel shirt

I paid $2 for this shirt. I upgraded it a little bit.

I had no idea how will this turn out.

$1.50 men’s shirt into a cute dress

From a dress to a jumpsuit


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