21 People Tried on Old Clothes And Slayed It

Many families have their own cute traditions. Some carefully store their clothes for future generations. The people in this compilation tried on some outfit from older generations and actually looked really cute!


My mom gave me her wedding dress

1970, 1983, 2001, and 2017

My grandmother, my mom and I wore the same dress


This dress is 45 years old.

My mom at her 3rd birthday in 1979, and my daughter at the same age in 2020.

Recreated my granddad’s photo from 1977

Yes, I’m wearing a 40-year-old dress to work


I kept my fave costume and now it’s my son’s fave costume

My father and I in 1980, and my son and I in 2018

My grandma, my mother an I

My friend wore the same blazer and looks like his dad 30 years earlier.

My grandma made me this costume 30 years ago and now my daughter wore it

My mom’s denim jacket from Spain, 1982. Couldn’t find a perfect fit anywhere meanwhile it was in my mom’s wardrobe


My mother-in-law in 1956, my wife in 1983, and my daughter in 2011

My grandpa and I

My mom wore this dress to a wedding 25 years ago and last year she gave it to me.

Me and my daughter – 27 years apart

Can you believe these jeans were purchased in 1985?

Me in 1989 and my son now

My dad’s 40-year-old coat.

My mom has been saving her dress for 37 years. It was my grandma’s wedding dress in 1948. And I made my princess dreams come true with it.

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