23 Coincidences Proving That Life Loves to Pull Pranks on Us

Life’s favorite way of messing with us is definitely with coincidences! No matter if it’s something harmless or not, it proves that the universe is the biggest prankster there is.


My cat knocked down the fishbowl. What are the odds of this happening?

The lightning appeared right when the camera started taking the picture.

Be the rainbow.


I feel really talented

When you can’t choose what to drive… or what to wear:

To make sure you don’t get confused.

A glitch in the Matrix in the McDonald’s drive-thru


Next level of luck

This guy has been trying to take a lightning picture for a whole year, and when it finally happened…

A full-circle rainbow

Born for this job.

When you and your nephew’s birthday gift have matching outfits:

Failed successfully:


Left door describes the condition of the right door perfectly.

Are you sure?


Something for everybody


Taking advantage of the situation

When you get asked if you want to go out, followed by a “Are you sure?”

Not only do they look alike, but have the same taste in entertainment.

Beware of UFO abductions

Pure luck

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