24 Children Who Could Melt the Biggest Iceberg With Their Warm Hearts

There’s no way to express the feeling of witnessing your child do a good deed. But knowing that this moment can make someone else’s day shine is the best reason to share it with the world.


My son taking care of my dog during a thunderstorm.

My son saved up and adopted a cat

My son made a new friend today at the farmer’s market.


My son begging for a guinea pig.

My daughter fell asleep while reading.

My daughter smuggled a towel into the stroller just in case her little brother’s favorite horse had a wet seat. It did.

My 2 kids love each other so much


The way that he looks at his BFF.

My son adores police officers. And he always lets them feel it.

He’s so excited about his cousin.

Told my daughter we couldn’t drive my truck because it was sick, so she gave it a hug to make it feel better.

My son got upset about the rubbish on the beach so he cleaned it up.

I’ve got some big, tough drivers, but they melt when my son helps them load up!


My daughter with her niece…she’s so happy

My neighbour always gives treats to my dogs. My daughter found out and now she’s standing in the row as well.

She’s so happy she can finally feed her little brother.

My daughter’s first birthday cake.

My daughter (in red) asked us to use our budget for her birthday party to help other children instead

I said I would get up if she made me a cup of coffee. She brought me 2.

My daughter helping me in my home office.

My daughter and her school FCCLA group made over 300 teddy bears and donated them to orphanages

My son saw the library box only had ’big kid books’ and asked if he could fill it with ’little kid books,’ so he did!

My son bought this lobster at the market and then set it free.

He stopped 2 children from bullying another child.

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