34 Super Satisfying Pics That Are Better Than Playing With Slime

Pixel-like avocados, stacks of wood, a truck with carrots, or registration stickers on a car — these ordinary things that we see in everyday life can be so visually pleasant that they’ll make you feel warm and tingly inside. We weren’t able to stop staring at them!


Cross-section of a painter’s one-year old stir stick

Ice that perfectly separated from a leaf

Found these clam shells at the beach


Perfectly cut spring onion

Glazed mushrooms

A truck filled with carrots

The way this is cut


The precise rate of snow melting off the roof

The skeleton of this leaf

Excellent ratatouille

How to sell your produce

A perfect swirl of moisturizer

The way this test receipt was printed


This rubber band stuck in my shoe

Just some stack of wood

Water can be quite aesthetically pleasing.

500 old singles vs 500 brand new ones

Am I a chameleon?

Perfect fit

How to pack some watermelon pieces.

My KitKat wrapper broke the bar perfectly in half.

Ice blossoms

The registration stickers on this car

So satisfying

Frosted fence

The water droplet formation around these leaves

The snow peeled off the wall

Really cool welding job

A slow day at work

The matrix just gave me a headache.

I’ve been using an ice cube tray as a palette for years.

It’s so perfect I don’t want to eat it

The way this car fits into the building’s shadow

A pixelated avocado!

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