24 Photos That’ll Fool Your Eyes And Mind For A Split Second

There are times when you point your camera to take a shot thinking that you will capture something special, but in the end you get twice the magic you expected.


Levitating is a skill.

Can you hold this for me, please?

Is this flour or a cat?


Double noise.

Minecraft in real life

This looks really nice!

So Mr. Crow, how did you like the game?


This selfie:

When you’re tired of giraffes being the tallest.

Mustache looks good on her:

Is this a glitch in the Matrix code?

A floating trash can.

Is he eating ice cream during class?




A love story that never happened.

They are probably heading home from the hairstylist.

What a beautiful smile!

Giants pigeons taking over the world!

I have 2 dogs, but I can’t find the other one.

Spiderman is everywhere!

The windows to another dimension

He’s gonna have a hard time carrying that book.

Her head is huge!

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