24 Photos Showing That Nature Never Stops Finding Ways To Tickle Our Minds.

Today we brought you photos of strange yet fascinating situations when nature surprised us with impressive gifts.


A lonely cherry growing in the middle of this tree

he color change between my horse’s summer and winter coat

This tiny maple leaf


A star tree

This tomato looks like it was stitched together.

These flowers grew into a heart shape

This tree has an arrow pointing to the centre of the tree


A fish with scoliosis

Beautiful flowers

A half-green, half-red bell pepper.

I have a weirdly shaped iris

My mini cactus sprouted a big flower that only lasted one day.

Baby tangerine


My dog has a perfect circle on his back

My cactus is waving at me.

“Every year we get a single red rose that grows through the wall of ivy in our garden

Spotted a squirrel with unusual coloring!

Rainbow pepper.

One huge clove of garlic.

The return of pigmentation in my Rottweiler’s skin and fur over the past 3 years — she has vitiligo.

A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole

Galactic flower

Did you know that lemons float and limes sink?

This plane looks like it’s flying to the moon

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