24 People Whose Bosses Will Be Very Angry Tomorrow

A career expert and author Dr. Katherine Brookssaif said, “If you don’t occasionally have a major flop, you aren’t trying anything new, and, consequently, you’re not doing your best.” However, there are some failures probably made by extremely tired and inattentive people. Well, we all start with something.


Cheer them up!

Installed the handrails, Boss. No exceptions.

Do I enter or do I not?


Have you ever dreamt of Samuel L. Jackson lying in your bed?

When someone is talking while you’re writing something down

You only had one job

Asked for a nice view from my hotel room and got this:


This elevator is a labyrinth

When you’re a really hot person:

We warned you

Not lovin’ it.

Refilled the soap dispenser.

Bought a pizza for my vegetarian friend…


And it’s the cheapest dress too

You had “noly” one job!

What do you know about toilet security?

Making sure

A slide for bad kids.

How tired must the packing person have been to pack corn as bananas?

Slow day at work

The first from the end of the last.

Those night shifts are though.

If your boss is angry tomorrow, hire Milton to not be angry anymore.

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