24 People Who Upgraded Their Homes Without Paying Huge Amounts of Money

Upcycling and repurposing things can be a real helping hand for people who don’t want to rip out their pockets to make something new for their home. Painting the staircase in a rainbow spectrum with cheap paint samples or making your own car organizer using just a rubber band, scissors, and a magnet — all of these alternatives are possible.


“I painted my home’s stairs using cheap paint samples.”

I’m learning how to sew. My daughter appreciates it.

“We have fridge magnets that help remind us what we have in stock when making meals.”


I made an underwater jungle

I made a hidden retractable shelf

LEGO phone stand

A desk organizer out of old Windows floppy disks


This ambient desk light I made from a chicken egg

I made these resin and alcohol ink coasters on ceramic tiles.”

Custom made cat tower.

A lamp made out of stacking toys.

I made these t-shirts with bleach.

“I infuse waste denim with resin and press the wet layers together until they dry. I then handcraft this material into sunglasses.”


Repurposed scrap stair railing as a clothes-drying rack”

Creative cable manager.

DIY scrunchies.

I used my broken iMac to make a touch-controlled lamp

My cat likes the old TV

Repurposed my David’s Tea sampler set to hold my embroidery thread!

My old t-shirts were the base of this beautiful carpet.

How do you like my new bottle opener?

Unique beauty blender stand.

My new mini garden

“I made a table for my zero-waste store from an old cable spool.”

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