24 of The Weirdest Inventions You’ve Ever Seen

Many people have strange fantasies from time to time. But only the bravest implement their ideas in real life and sell them for good money.


Selfie spoon

Vampire Repellent

Honest socks


And an honest doormat

There’s a misanthrope mat

Brave shoes

Canned unicorn meat


Nothing for 9 bucks

Soft furniture

Glowing toilet paper.

Artificial human fat

Nose basketball

Bacon-flavored lip balm


A beer-belly fanny pack

A nose-shaped shower gel dispenser

Manual Star Wars

These leggings show a lot.

A can of edible dried tarantula

Stick on eyes.

A mini hat for your ear

Finger puppets for the friendliest people

“Sprout” hair clips

A shirt printed with the “Pile of Poo” emoji

Just a pair of cute gloves with fur

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