24 Inventions That Need An Explanation Attached to Them

In this post, we brought you a bunch of self-made inventions from users who haven’t decided whether what they created is a masterpiece or trash.


When you REALLY want to play basketball…

My joystick fell off the thing that actually moves it. Managed to get it off but not back on. Got a toothpick and some napkins, and bam — a brand new controller.

When you have too many spoons at home this is a way to use them.


Sometimes you have to improvise.

I don’t know if this is comfortable

Neither my dad nor my uncle thought we’d need a pricey mount to get the 75” TV higher up…

What about a wooden pillow fight? That wood be fun.


At least this is creative

When your coffee grinder is too slow…

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

So far so good.

New bumper?

How do you like my new chandelier made out of hangers?


DIY cooler

This toilet paper holder

The van was cheaper than wood?

DIY couch

No travel bags? No problem!

Pretend nothing happened

My dad needed a BBQ brush

A flash drive with a spade on the other end

A phone case is made of Tic Tac boxes. Reuse and recycle.

Who needs a TV table

Take that creaky old door and repurpose it into a new dining room table.

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