23 Unexpected Airport Sightings That May Make You Smile

These crazy airport images are sure to have you looking for laughs the next time you fly.


Funny pilot

This happens all the time. She doesn’t care at all.

Cookie monster, where are you flying?


When you’re too lazy to take off your belt.

Travelling with kids

How to make sure you don’t lose your luggage

When you arrive too early.


These two kindred spirits became fast friends after stumbling upon each other at an airport terminal.


We’re not sure what’s more odd, the man wearing a dress or the giant printed ticket he’s holding.

This was just a sticker.

A family decided to embarrass their daughter by meeting her dressed up as village folk.

Too much work…


The Portland airport sells socks and other merch that matches their carpeting.

Someone decided to check in a stick instead of luggage.

When your flight is delayed.

We met a Victoria’s Secret model at the airport. My daughter’s shirt was perfect for this situation.

When you have to cook dinner right after arriving.

Travelling with kids part 2.

When you start to doubt there’s everything OK with your child. “Let’s see what inside.”

No need to spend money on hotels.

We wonder if this area is smellier than the smoking room.

These passengers came prepared for that 16-hour layover.

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