23 Times People Found Real Treasures At Thrift Shops

The British survey showed that people prefer buying second-hand items to purchasing brand new ones. And we decided to go further and find out which of the treasures these people remember as examples of being in the right place, at the right time. Gradually slow fashion will lead on the market!


I got this Gucci bag for $60

I bought this ring for $75. It turned out to be a platinum ring with a sapphire and diamonds.

I found this shirt for $2 in a gigantic pile of used clothes in Barcelona. I nearly fainted after checking the label.


At a normal shop, this costs around $80,000. I got it on an online marketplace for $5,000.

Today I got this Armani Jeans dress for 69¢.

Bought this clutch for $1.50.

Bought this at a flea market for $10.


I can’t believe I got this sofa for $10.

I bought a set of 1893 antique silver cutlery for $24.

This pair of Valentino shoes cost me $80.

Got this white gold ring for $5.

Today, I found my wedding dress for $4.

Someone was selling this coffee machine online for $13.


I don’t buy my outfits at mass-market stores anymore. Thrift shops are my thing now.

I bought this set with 38 pieces for $20.

Got all these vintage books for $30.

I had nothing to wear to my sister’s wedding and then I found this amazing suit for $20.

Always check the drawers! I bought a Bombay jewelry chest and found a gold necklace inside.

Bought a breadmaker for $12.

Can you believe that this only cost $20?

Bought this silver necklace for $20.

Once, I found a bag at a flea market with a wooden box, where fake Rolex and Longines were mixed with real ones.

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