23 Perfect Photos That Will Make You Love Symmetry

Nature is in love with symmetry but very often, we create perfect things all on our own. It’s important to see the beauty all around you.


This balcony is perfectly lined up with the horizon.

German police are perfectionists

This is a real flower


A landscape perfectly divided by the fence

Perfectly cut brownies.

This is actually an egg that is perfectly round.

The cutest color gradient


My son’s notes are so satisfying to look at.

An eddy is formed when a river flows past a large solitary object, such as a rock, creating a calm section of water behind it. Here, that calm water has frozen in a perfect circle.

Nature knows how to create perfect symmetry

When the bathroom door is closed almost all the way, each of the 4 bulbs in the bathroom emits its own distinct beam of light into the room.

This frost

Organized my Disney movies.


An entire city in my morning coffee.

I bet there’s a perfectionist living in that house.

The way this plant drew a circle in the sand at the beach

The way this puddle of water ripples due to the ship’s vibrations

Symmetrical keys.

The way this leaf is perfectly split down the middle

If a perfectionist made a cake

I didn’t want to lay down so I don’t ruin this perfection.

Thought this neighborhood’s symmetry was neat!

My cat has 2 hearts

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