23 Ideas From People Who Know How to Transform Junk Into Something Useful

We usually throw out everything that is not needed anymore. But some people find a way to give junk a second life.



A hookah made of old spare parts

New sausage grilling method.


Creative bar lights

Original kitchen lampshades

The armor of a knight who likes to save

Great ide how to use old tennis rackets


A fridge made from an old computer base unit

Lampshades made out of old spoons

An outdoor grill made from an old washing machine

Next time there’s a blackout, remember this lifehack.

Old drums can become a fascinating chandelier.

Only taking 1 trip with the shopping bags!


A PlayStation used as a brick in the wall

Candleholders made from old kitchenware

Perfect ideas to reuse toilet paper rolls.

This is the most ridiculous and most brilliant idea I’ve ever seen!

This lamp is made from old clock gears.

Great idea to reuse old game console

Amazing idea!

A dino flower bed

This sofa made from soda cans.

My grandma’s butter dish.

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