22 Times Mother Nature Surprised Us with Unexpected Things

We brought you some photos of natural masterpieces that come to life with little to no human interference. You won’t believe this!


Is that a strawberry inside of a tomato?

4 sunflower seeds in one shell

A giant strawberry


This pattern on this plant

A tree inside another tree

These flowers shaped like hummingbirds

Purple carrots.


he biggest dicotyledon leaf ever found in the Amazon

A bunch of bunches of grapes

This colorful tree

An Australian mushroom

This tree grows flowers on its branches and trunk.

Blue Java banana


Pineberries are white strawberries that taste like pineapple

A robin’s nest with beautiful blue eggs

I picked up this ficus today

A mutant carrot

This plant in Malaysia looks like a peacock.

Giant grapes

A multi-colored sunflower

Colorful corn

Grape agate

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