22 Photos Proving Life Can Always Surprise Us

Life is fun. Amazing things are sometimes just around the corner, you only need to be ready to see them.


This tire has to be there for a while.

How is this possible?

Just an Airbus A380 crossing the Autobahn at Leipzig airport.


These unique tiles.

Awesome wet floor warning sign

Straight bananas

A bulb from a football stadium


A plumber plugged a leak and this is what happened.

Meant to be together.

This golf ball:

A perfectionists heaven

So emotional



Just a little hint.

A small door in the kindergarten classroom.

Protect your apples!

“My plant grew towards the light bulb.”

Layers of clouds

An unfinished screw

This shirt that I own has a cloth stitched on the inside to clean your glasses with.

This chocolate bar shaped ice cream sandwich

When you really want a bigger balcony

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