22 People Who Wanted to Look Stunning on Social Media but Failed

We came across the photos of people whose only wish was to look nice in a photo, but they ended up getting only jokes and laughs for using Photoshop, instead of compliments.


Can she breathe?

This guy is a big fan of Photoshop. The left pic is our photo from his Instagram account, the right photo — from mine.

Behind the scenes


His teeth are brighter than my future

She did a good job!

That’s the same person

The power of angles.


Online vs in real life.

This guy filters all his photos. He also filters all of his YouTube videos, but I know who he is in real life

Photos vs videos:

You can only recognize her by her costumes in real life

Yep, in reality, he is not as brutal as he wants to seem.

“This person is running for mayor where I live.”


Girl, you don’t need that photoshop

When it’s “raining” but not enough to make your hair wet:

The pictures she takes of herself vs the pictures I take of her.

She’s cute without the photoshop

That’s the same person

Her feed vs tagged pictures

IG vs Reality

The power of makeup

This girl posts pics on both “good” and “bad” days.

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