22 People Who Came Across Something They Least Expected

Not only is the world around us amazing, but it’s weird too. Unexpected discoveries are waiting for us literally around every corner.


I would prefer a bubble gum inside of a lollypop.

No more swimming in the toilet bowl!

This is the scariest shoe I’ve ever seen


Somebody’s going to have trouble finding their truck at the boat ramp.

When you forget that you have a cheeseburger in your pocket.

Garbage day in Toronto!

When you suddenly run into your doppelganger:


My cat spying on me.

The consequences of a flood

Is this a prank?

The best pedestrian you could ever see on the street

Another sign I shouldn’t go for a run.

Human tears in bottles


This squirrel in my toilet

So suspicious

Pulled up the carpet at my house and found a huge game of Monopoly under it!

The house I stayed at for New Year’s Eve has a hidden bedroom with a secret bookcase door.

This disk, hidden beneath dirt and grass along the side of a highway, marks the exact northwestern corner of Texas.

Just a normal supermarket.

Found a hidden key in the spot I was going to hide mine

The hidden room in my aunt’s house.

Why is this in the middle of a desert?

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