22 People Who Are Able To Laugh At Themselves

We all probably have photos in our old photo albums that make us feel a little bit embarrassed. But hey, laughter is healthy so why not just have a good laugh about it instead of feeling bitter?


Nowadays 5-year-old girls look like porcelain dolls. When I was 5, I looked like the grumpy boss of some company

1st day at school

That glow up tho


Me and my Looney Tunes tie in 1996


I was so proud of myself for cutting my own hair

‘Opposite Day’ at my school in 2005.


Good old days


At that time, I was obsessed with frogs and lizards. I kinda looked like one too


Me before a concert in 8th grade



I thought it would be cool to bring my guitar to my senior photoshoot. It wasn’t.

Me and my husband 20 years ago


Pose game on point

I really wanted tattoos but my parents didn’t let me. So I drew them myself with markers.

I was super happy about my new hair

I won the pie-eating contest

Me and my friends having a sleepover on a roof.

My grandma was cool af


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