22 Designers Who Did Their Best to Impress Us

Designer creativity often goes beyond all limits, and sometimes they create really interesting and useful things.


The inside of the pizza box was a tuxedo.

The handle to a knife shop door

This Bitcoin ATM with neon lights


This LEGO bag

This root bench system in Seoul

A fire extinguisher at the aquarium

This pizza box can be torn in half and folded to create a smaller box for leftovers.


My bag has an elastic zipper

This mixing spatula has a quick conversion chart for cooking measurements.

A mini-door for children

Optical illusion floor tile

This puzzle comes with a box stand

The back of my shaving cream has lottery numbers to try.


Flip flops with a bottle opener on the bottom

This metal slide that is water cooled so it doesn’t burn kids in summer.

Keyboard footprints

The cover of this book about chocolate

Trash can with a target

This sticker, when pulled off, leaves behind a silver residue saying ’box opened.’

A 3D printed cast you can take a shower with

This gaming chair will make you forget about reality.

You can drink from any of them and the drink drains through the bottom where all ’shots’ are connected.

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