22 Animals Who Refuse to Leave Their Owners, Even for a Second

Pets bond with their humans like babies do and they find it difficult to understand the whole concept of personal space.


My BF didn’t want a cat…

Just casually chillin’ with my cat.

I can’t move now.


He loves to sleep on my shoulder.

I have to hold his feet while he falls asleep.

He never leaves my side.

He even watches me while I brush me teeth.


This is how we sleep every night.

She could not figure out where I was so she went to the gate and waited for me

When are you done with your work? I want to play!

He needs to be very close.

My cats don’t like that I go to work so early in the morning now, so they apparently staged an intervention.

Does he think he’s a dog?


I have 5 dogs. I don’t remember what is personal space.

My little pig loves me so much. He’s always by my side.

Good morning.

My chinchilla and his favorite spot to do his chinchilling

They don’t leave me alone. Not even in the shower.

He is waiting for my GF to wake up.

Some things never change.

He didn’t realize he grew up.

My cat wakes me up every morning by putting one paw on my face until I respond.


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