21 Visually Satisfying Images That Are As Soothing As A Hug

Looking at relaxing pictures is also considered to be a form of mindfulness meditation. So scroll down and get your daily yoga in by looking at these satisfying photos.


Rainbow plates

Perfect ice cream swirls

My grandmother’s sewing chest


The way I built my headboard to meet the shiplap lines

The puddles that formed on my trampoline this morning

These colourful stairs

Perfectly cut slices of bread


I promised myself to always finish my pens

A sea glass rainbow

Perfect wedding photo

Meet my new fish named Tide Pod

A beautiful chameleon

Huge storm caught on camera


The floor looks like the sea.

A violin dustpan brush

My iced coffee came out of the freezer with this cool crystal ring around the top

A mini forest created in a resin diorama

Layered matcha cheesecake

So much avocado

Perfectly aligned trees


A melting wood effect I’m working on.

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