21 Photos Where Something Went Horribly Wrong

When we don’t achieve a desired result, we often say to ourselves, “Ok, it’ll have to do.” But some people seem to live by this motto.


At least he protects nature.

It’s an abstract

One fool made everyone look like a fool.


“I did it!” said the packer.

This is weird… How?

My perfect kitchen.

What’s wrong with me?


My new stove

She left something at home…

Here’s your parcel. Caution, fragile!

We all had a pencil like that.

When the delivery guy gets tired of me ordering some stuff every day.

So organized!



A perfectionist’s nightmare.

Does it really matter?

So confusing!


Now what do I do?

Tall people problems.

My son was super excited about his first ever flight.

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