21 Photos That Show Nature Is A Real Artist

It’s hard to believe the following things are made 100% naturally by Mother Nature. It’s incredible!


This butterfly looks exactly like a dead leaf.

“I severed a nerve in my index finger. And now, half of my finger can no longer prune.”

This fruit is pretty much a lemon peel all the way through.


An 800-year-old bonsai tree

This emu looks like a hairy stone.

I got 5 oranges in 1

This tomato started to sprout from the inside


Halibuts are normally white but this one is pink!

Rain turned these stairs into a beautiful waterfall

My sister was born with extra fingers on each hand

Did you know how brussels sprouts grow?

I was doing some digging and found an old nerf dart supporting life!

An old sweatbox used for dried fruit now used by bees.


The eyelashes on one of my eyes are blonde and on the other they are brunette.

This disease left a beautiful print.

“My toes are double-jointed.”

I found this huge tomato

The color change between my horse’s summer and winter coat is neat.

A birthmark on a birthmark

This variety of corn grows naturally beautifully colorful

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