21 People Whose Determination Deserves A Huge Applause

These people’s transformation not only deserves applause but at least a 5-minute standing ovation. Let’s appreciate them together!


3 years and 120 lbs later

“I got my braces off today.”

I’m so proud of myself.


My first and last day of 1st grade cancer

I feel so much stronger now!

Toxic people have a  huge impact on you.

Literally HALF the man I used to be!”


Me standing for the first time in ages.

It was a radical lifestyle change.

I survived 6 brain surgeries and a stroke while studying to become a doctor.

My goal was to graduate before I reached 100 years of age. I made it with 33 years to spare.

No more bullying.

This happens when you stick to your New Year’s resolution.


This is amazing!

So much happier now!

This is a real glow up

I feel amazing finally!

I think my smile says it all

From 480 Ibs to 209 Ibs in 17 months

I spent 10 years living in a depression, a failed marriage, and so on. But I have decided to change.

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