21 People Who Proved That If It Looks Stupid But Works, It Ain’t Stupid

Have you ever tried to fix something, but it didn’t go the way it was supposed to? We often see people’s creative approaches to different life situations, and their ingenuity amazes us.


To the school on weekdays, to the factory at the weekend.

It also looks very authentic and unique.

The ultimate fire tamer


Because you can strain pasta with a tennis racket, but you can’t play tennis with a pasta strainer.

Any idea will do.

This guy sure knows what he’s doing.

This is how you keep calm in traffic jams.


Low budget reverse sensor

They told him to buy extra oxygen.

Self-protection is very important.

This is the Russian version of a solar-powered weeding machine.

It might be really convenient, but we prefer the old way of holding a burger.

Whole smoked chicken? It’s in the 2nd drawer.


This is insanely creative!

I need a place for my PC. ASAP


No need to do the dishes after having some cereal.

When you forgot your backpack

If each one is 40%, this drink is 160% alcohol!


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