21 People Who Had Really High Expectations but Reality Dissapointed Them

The internet users from this compilation had their expectations smashed, but instead of getting angry, they decided to share their deceptions and give us a good reason to smile.


Website vs reality

Is this the right-sized treat for this tiny dog?

Expectations vs reality


Traveled 2,874 miles to see the Cliffs of Moher…

Not quite as I expected

Close enough

I was so excited about this taco


Spongebob are you OK?

I wanted a fancy board…

I paid $110 for this

These pancakes didn’t make my morning better.

This Halloween will be truly creepy.

Something went wrong.


I wanted to throw it away when I saw it.

They forgot the filling.

My wife ordered this Cactus Cat Scratcher and 2 months later she received just a bag of rope with no instructions, no wood, and not even a packing slip.

That’s a really lame pizza!

Strawberry free strawberry ice-cream.

At least I know there’s no food waste.

I’m going to have nightmares because of a cookie.

“Let’s just say I was pretty excited for my Genie face mask, until I put it on…”

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