21 People Living Their Lives The ” Witty Way”

While they’re out there living outdated lives, they may have some tricks up their sleeves that help them do ingenious things. Here are some people that know how to use 100% of their wit.


No steaming iron? No problem for this guy.






Make sure you don’t forget to take your pill. Write the dates on the packaging.



Protect your wallet by simply leaving it at home and take your money with you in your phone case.

When the bucket doesn’t fit use this amazing lifehack to fill it with water.


With this hack,

the teacher won’t notice that you are actually sleeping in class.



A new computer stand would cost a whole fortune. Use a hanger instead. It’s a much cheaper solution.

Skating around the house with baby wipes under your feet will clean your house and you will get in your daily physical activity as well.

If you don’t have the patience to wait until your water boils, just use modern technology – skype.

This dentist distracts his patients with Where’s Waldo? sticker on his ceiling.



When you forget your suit, just use someone’s pants.

A great way to make some money.

People with glasses will appreciate this idea.

My GF got into a FitBit activity contest with her co-workers. She won.

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