21 Ideas How To Transform Your Trash Into Something Useful

There are many examples of when seemingly useless things get a second life and make a house cozier. Here are some examples.


A stylish bag made from plastic bags.

Used my old blanket to make myself cozy pyjamas.

I found an old TV, cleaned it, and put an iPad inside. My son loves it.


I used a paper towel roll, glue, and some leftover rope to make a cat scratcher for my new kitten.

Milk boxes can be used for growing herbs.

My neighbour wanted to get rid of this old bench. I gave it a new life.

I’m making reusable cotton pads from old towels.


DIY phone stand made from legos.

I cut off strings from an old T-shirt, tied them into a ring, and made comfortable elastic bands

Transformed my old sweater into an onesie for my child.

This old fan turned into a stylish lamp.

Ironed old plastic bags together to make this cool shopping bag.

Sewed some old curtains together and made this dress.


Old car into Airbnb

I’m so proud of the final product

Just a flower pot made from floppy disks

My cats like the old TV

“I made all of these out of vinyl records.”

Found a lot of glass pieces at the beach and decided to make something nice from it.

An old pair of jeans that my mom gave me

I work at a bakery in a food store, and it’s normal to throw away broken cookies. But, I found a way to avoid this.

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