20 Coincidences Showing That Our Universe Has a Perfect Sense of Humor

Our world keeps amazing us with its miracles and many of them happen without the participation of humans. Of course, these aren’t magic tricks – they’re just coincidences that we see every now and then.


My strawberry/pistachio ice cream matched this couple’s matching outfits.

Is this a trend in this town?

I spent $7.11 and at a 7-Eleven at 7:11 AM



The packages from different food brands made an ideal picture.

I saw a piece of cloth that looks like a man in a trench coat.

My and my GF’s baby pictures look quite similar.


What a coincidence!

Chameleon cheese


My teacher’s hair matches the chalkboard.

Going for a walk

Thought it might look cool


A journal that perfectly matches my shirt!

The way the sunlight hits this balloon so that it seems as if it is glowing.

Pig shaped bacon

It looks as if those are not blue letters but slots through which the sky can be seen.

I told you it would fit!

This10-cent coin fits the ring perfectly:

Sometimes street art can be pretty confusing.

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