20 Super Handy People Whose Up-cycling Skills Deserve An Award

Upcycling is very beneficial as it reduces our waste and saves us money. Check out these pictures of old objects that got a new life thanks to handy people.


A bird made from old CDs

Upcycled a broken cable spool into a climbing toy

This fairy dress made out of thermal bubble wrap


Pallets are good for so many things!

Stylish Monopoly handbag

Transformed my old bed into a castle for my babies.

I repurposed my broken iMac to be a touch-controlled dimmer — even the USB ports work as phone chargers


A denim sofa made out of old jeans.

I turn old, beat up watches into bracelets and key chains

Upcycled my piano into a desk

I made a little coffee table from my Grandpa’s wrench collection.

A lounge chair made from some used skateboards

Braided old t-shirts into this beautiful rug.


“I take plastic shipping/bale straps from hardware store waste and make baskets”

An old handbag made into shoes

Old fan upcycled into a unique lamp.

I had a supply of charity shop cutlery I planned to experiment with

“I made some lamps out of empty gas tanks and fire extinguishers.”

A greenhouse made out of old windows.

A wooden cable spool I once used as a table

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