20 People Who Bought A Pig In A Poke but Hit the Jackpot

It often happens that the item doesn’t look like the one in the picture and it turns into a real disappointment. But sometimes, things may go the other way around — you may be pleasantly surprised.


I was prepared for everything when I ordered this dress from AliExpress but it turned out perfectly.

This pizza actually looks like in the picture on the box!

Wow, I didn’t expect it to turn out this good.


My mom made me this cake!

This is the perfect blanket.

We ordered a fire-truck cake for my son’s birthday. It came out even better than we expected.

My take on the Momofuku cake


The way we advertise our Jack-o-Lantern pizzas vs The way I like to make them for customers

I was pretty proud of this cake



This Elsa cake turned out beautiful

It looks exactly the same as in the picture

My interpretation of a tattoo I wanted to get was not the best but the artist understood it perfectly!


Pretty satisfied with the result

I’m a genius

I made this myself!

My wife nailed it

I managed to make this pinteresty wreath

My daughter drew a cake she wanted for her 8th birthday. I tried to make her idea come to life.

Well THIS is ice cream!

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