20 Family Photos Where Something Weird Is Going On

Everybody likes perfect family photos, but those that are very weird are best remembered. Today we collected some funny family photos for you. Enjoy!



Tried to look talented in the background of a family portrait.

A nice photo for a postcard!


When Mom thought it would be a good idea for us to all enjoy a few glasses of her fermented ‘friendship punch’ before heading down to the photo studio.

I hope a got some pants that day.

Family photo from last fall

Met Jasmine today. We don’t have kids…


My grandparents’ first time at a Japanese restaurant.

My little brother in the back couldn’t take it anymore.

The only family portrait we have.

My parents really do look proud…

My boss, who has 6 kids, captured every sibling relationship dynamic in one Christmas photo.

My younger son didn’t agree with our decision


Mom got friend-zoned by Dad.

Feeding time!

Wait, what?

That moment when you realize you’re now the middle child:

My very favourite picture of my father. He’s the one that set the camera’s timer.

We didn’t notice what’s going on in the background

So my sis wanted a silly family photo…


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