19 Times People Lost Their Words When They First Saw The Hotel Room They Booked

Expectations don’t always meet reality and we often happen to find curious “surprises” in these rentals. The people in this article had the bad luck to book rooms that didn’t look like in the pictures on the website at all.


In some hotels, there are swans made from towels and in other hotels there are crocodiles.

They promised an amazing view from the hotel room.

While in may seem cool, it isn’t. Let me tell you from experience.


Umm… Why do you complicate things?

I just wanted to take a shower.

“Believe it or not, this is my room at an upscale hotel.”

Wow, what an amazing view.


I don’t know if I’m too tall or this hotel is for kids.

Woke up to this. Someone explain ?

I paid 25 dollars for this room service.

Then why do you put it in the room?

How kind.

If I only had a penny for every single time I crushed my toes on this thing.


The mirror in my hotel room lets anyone look in on the bed, even with the curtains closed.

This is really dangerous.

Doesn’t look like a 5 star hotel but OK.

If they kill the customer, he won’t come back.

Room service on point.

There’s my ocean view.

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