19 Times People Got Truly Unique Birthday Gifts

When even a Google-search for ’unique gifts’ doesn’t seem to get you the desired results, you probably need another source of inspiration. We are here for you! Scroll and get inspired!


Her boyfriend gave her her favorite book with ’their’ date folded into the pages.

I built a word clock for my girlfriend as a birthday present. Once a year, a special message is displayed on her birthday.

The nicest present I ever got!


“My grandpa gave this to my dad when he was in high school and he used it to navigate the sometimes foggy waters as a marine. He passed it on to me, so that I may find direction in life.” So thoughtful!

My dad made this for me! He’s a talent!

This Harry Potter package contained a magnetic wand with which you can ’magically’ lift the little bottles with memories.

I told him to draw his dream toy. Then I managed to bring it to the reality.


“Colleen, WOOO! HAPPY B-DAY! I have no idea how old you are Colleen! And the older YOU get, the more confused I get about it. Your bud, champ! (JK. It’s Melanie)”

This wallet is full of gift cards we can use for our date nights! Best wedding present ever!

Just write something personal and I ensure you that it will be a success.

This is the best thing ever!

Let’s have some fun!

My favorite artist meets my favorite movie.


A present from my brother.

I got an old half-used box of chalk from the kids at a high needs school, because they thought I only had one.

Personalized Monopoly

Now you can take it with your everywhere!

Can you believe this is a cake?

Hand-made dress from my mom!

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