19 Times Designers Failed To Do Their Job

We believe that nobody noticed these fails and that they actually went to print! Well, at least they improved the mood of some people online.


Wow, she’s really flexible!

Why is there a road and clouds on the roof of the bus? Also, the driver seems a little off balance.

Would you get this toy for your kid?


The handles stop the zippers from closing all the way.

This girl is putting butter on her hand.

It hurts my eyes to read this.

How not to do it.


Wow! Spider-man is able to keep a hot drink in his cup while upside down. Amazing!

No, it isn’t green liquid in it. It’s a non-transparent bottle with a scale on it.

My hammock says it’s made for 1 person but it has a picture of 2.

I just wanted a normal ceiling fan.

King of graphic design.

This looks so realistic.


That’s a really effective menu.

That’s a weird name for a pizza place

Wow! I want that!

What animal is this?

“Please, make her smile a little bigger.”

He clearly is enjoying his playlist.

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