19 Pictures You Have to Look at Twice to Understand What’s Going On

This article is full of photos that will test your observation skills.


Who’s hand is that?

“I’m usually a calm person, but going to the pool just makes me lose my head.”

A dog made from my dog’s hair after brushing him.


“The grass is always greener on the other side…”

These turtles swimming in the sky.

Wow, that’s a really long cat!

“My friend has been a little turned around lately.”


This puddle made me think it’s the gate to another dimension.

This bird knows how to take a bomb selfie.

That’s actually quite scary.

Another long cat.

“This eagle enjoys boating.”

Did he just pee himself?


“A permanent mouse cursor in between the ears”

No, that’s not water.

Wait, what?

How do I look?

What kind of animal is this?

Her feet stayed tiny!

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