19 Pictures That Teach Us We Should Never Give Up

Strong determination can move mountains. Below is our compilation of 20 powerful photos which can inspire you to rise up from the ashes no matter what.


A tree burned by the bushfires continues to grow.

I took the cat off the street. There exactly 1 month between the 2 photos.

My 6 months weight loss journey


Rescued this husky.

We have a peanut growing in our flower bed that we didn’t plant

My dad finally dedicating time to paint.

My friends rescued this poor dog


This tree coming out of an abandoned chimney

Me at age 15, anorexic with crippling social anxiety vs me at age 22, now a full-time fashion model in life mode

I’m so proud of the work I’ve done around this house.

My sister (14 years old) with down syndrome, who wasn’t supposed to survive the first 24 hours of her life

A tree growing inside an abandoned silo

5 years progress


12 years of trying was totally worth it!

The tree fell but the branches carried on growing


My Mom decided to reactivate her nursing license after 20 years. Now we are co-workers.

This tree has nearly enveloped a sign.

This tree growing out of a tube


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