19 Photos That’ll Make You Doubt Your Own Eyes

We usually tend to trust our eyes, but they might play tricks on us sometimes. A simple shot with your phone camera can turn into an optical illusion that might confuse thousands of people!


Interstellar or a library

A floating cow’s head

Disney’s “Cars” are real.


When the shadow of a cord predicts its future:

This building isn’t burning, it’s just the reflection of the sunset.

A picture of a puddle

This house’s paint job makes it look 3D.


This lady looks really angry

A spiral in the sky

The shadow makes the guy in the back look like he’s been badly Photoshopped into the picture.

Double dog

Another floating head.

The Eye of Sauron is everywhere


This bird taking a selfie

The floating building

Surely she can’t be over his shoulders?

A walk on top of the world

Wait, what’s happening here?

Ready for the hike!

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