19 Photos That Prove We Know Very Little About Nature

We love to be amazed by the wonders of nature and today we’ve looked for some new reasons to say wow once again.

A weasel riding a woodpecker

The sun, surrounded by a rainbow

Mt. Etna lava flow


A tree growing out of an abandoned chimney

Riding around on his web.

What planet is this on?

Oleander Hawk-Moth


Golden Himalayan mountains

Extraordinary orchids

Natural Big Mac

Dolphins in Australia bringing gifts of coral to shore

Did you know that some birds have so called nictitating membranes that are transparent and allow to clean and moisten the eyeball without shutting out the light?



The size of the hail in my state last night.

A waterspout in Florida

An old oak tree still all in green, despite being hit and half-burned by lightning

A Mantis riding a plant bike


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