19 Photos That Prove Love Can Last Forever

Time changes almost everything around us. But one thing that is constant, and that time can never change, is true love.


We were meant to be BFFs

Love is in the air

Then vs now


A few years later I still love her more than anyone.

54 years of love

Slowly we switched the digital camera for a phone but the love’s the same.

40 years together


This is my mom holding me in 1979, and my mom holding my daughter in the same dress in 2019

17 years later

My father and me in 1980, and my son and me in 2018

60 years of strong love

15 years of friendship

14 years apart


He is teaching her how to read again because she lost her memory and was re-learning how to read.

Happily married for 24 years now

3 generations

“Same photo nearly 30 years apart — I’m the baby in the first photo and am holding my son in the second.”

The power of habits

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