19 Photos That Prove Life With Pets Can Be Hilarious

Sometimes animals make funny faces or weird poses — they even interact with each other in funny ways. This compilation guarantees you’ll be in a laughing mood for the rest of the day or even the week!


He mimics our cat.

I’ve been searching for my cat.

Pretty sure that my cat is plotting my murder.


There was a moth in our kitchen.

Cat tetris

My cat tried hacking into my phone.

My dog that graduated from the training classes


My dog’s face through her favorite toy

My cat’s favorite drink.

Good life.

Our cat does this whenever she gets picked up

My cat and the neighbor’s dog staring each other down

“You’re not a cat! Get out!”


His first snow

So shy!

This character has not been unlocked yet.

My cat caught stealing milk

One of our Sphynx kittens wants you to know how cute they are.

My cat under the blanket

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