19 Photos That Prove Children Make This World a Better Place

When they smile at you, the whole universe starts to shine. And they can tell if your emotions are real or fake, so you’d better not mess with these little geniuses — the fate of your day is in their hands.


My 4-year-old daughter helped my wife pack my lunch today and I was pleasantly surprised

My son can’t wait for his banana bread to be ready

Because you don’t want to ruin the game, do you?


My daughter had to describe herself in a few words

Fixing the vacuum cleaner.

How to properely answer this quiestion

Bedtime with my daughter.


I told my 3-year-old our Roomba was tired because he worked all night. She took it to her room and made him a bed

My daughter’s letter to the mailman because he deserves to know!

“Looks like my daughter has found her Mr. Right!”

My daughter reading to our dog to make him feel better.

This kiddo seems to really appreciate their dad.

She was suddenly really quiet.


My 5-year-old sharing her cheeseburger with her pet worm

The happiest child on Earth!

My 7-year-old is making a book

Hide and seek

It seems that this turtle receives a lot of care.

This kid apping with his chicken.

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