19 Photos Proving That Right Angle and Perspective Are Crucial

Turning a girlfriend into a child, a cat into a giant, and a puddle into an amazing lake is easy if you choose the right angle. And the wrong angle can destroy the fun of meeting a celebrity.


My dogs best angle:

Now this is real talent!

So… it’s a Pitabull?


My car wash foam looks like a sparkling sunset

This match burned into a microphone

My cat lost his head.

The angle makes it look completely vertical instead of stretching over 3 lanes.


This is a really unique angle of a legend.

My cat loo giant from this angle.

My dog can shoot rainbows out of his head.

My dad talking to himself

I love this photo of me and my nephew.

This is not Photoshopped.


Tried to get pictures of a bike thief today, but captured this instead

My buddy was stoked to finally meet Tony Hawk and this was the picture the person behind him took for him

Is this a bird or a bear?

Wow this is a really weird cat!

“I was so excited to see a baby deer on my hike, but this is what it was.”

My cat just had a really good idea.

My 21-year-old girlfriend looks like a toddler from this angle.

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