19 People Who Took Sense of Beauty To The Next Level

When it comes to beauty, there are no rules and yes, it does get very wild out there. Some really manage to create masterpieces out of simple stuff, like a cake.


When you want to let the world know you found your soulmate.

A Minecraft avocado

That’s so cheesy!


This didn’t turn out as expected.

This Van Gogh cake!

This LEGO car looks really cool

This is beautiful


Hats off to the designer!

Should I wear these to prom?

Amazing design.

For true pasta lovers.

I hate when my tattoo doesn’t match my shoes.

So why not get your shoes tattooed so you never forget them.


“Sorry officer I didn’t know how fast I was going.”

That’s eco-friendly, right?

This is what you call a practical joke…

The power of makeup

What a cheesy outfit! Or is it saucy?

If you thought that all these wonders of fashion were not enough, here’s our tribute to Lizzo and her minibag.

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