19 People Who Lost Weight and Became Absolutely Unrecognizable

If you want to lose weight, we hope you get inspired by this article and change your life for the better.


He lost 70lb, she lost 56lb.

Lost 151lb in 2 years.

8 months and  88lb down.


This couple lost 170lb between them.

Down 48lb in 8 months

It took 6 long years for this woman to get rid of an extra 100lb.

This man lost 84lb in 2 years


She lost 100lb in 2 years.

She lost 100lb and she’s been in a good shape for one year already.

Incredible 2 years difference!

She lost 92lb

Down 91lb in 2 years.

She lost 72lb in just 7.5 months.


He lost 90lb in 13 months

After 15 months of hard work, she lost 150lb.

It took this man only 7.5 months to lose 161lb thanks to regular workouts and healthy eating.

She lost 220lb in just 2 years!

After her husband cheated on her, she found the motivation to lose over 100lb

Pasquale Brocco was once 605lb, but he worked hard and lost 326lb!

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