19 Outstanding Design Mistakes

It’s easy to get used to the ordinary things we see every day. But sometimes we are faced with mind-blowing fails that make our day and cheer us up.


Now it looks good but after using it… I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

Works perfectly

This makes no sense.


At least there’s some wall here…

I love this view!

That’s my seat?

Why did they put the toilet paper there?


A real throne.

You only had one job.

When you’re trying to fix a bug in The Sims:

A perfectionists nightmare.

How am I supposed to open them?

That’s the right place for the garage.


Is it the actual Chamber of Secrets?

Never give up on getting what you want!

Poor gate, it must feel so useless.


Jedis only!

Imagine coming home really drunk and trying to find your flat.

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